Things to do in Rome

Are you looking for “things to do in Rome“?
Every day, especially in summer, Rome is full of opportunities for fun and in addition to countless places of historical or artistic interest, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City and many others, there are lots of things to do in Rome.
If you love sports you will love to visit the center of the sport in Rome, which is the Foro Italico with the Olympic Stadium.
If you are looking for entertainment (music, dance, theater …) you will certainly find excellent options at the Music Auditorium.
So we could go on for hours listing the opportunities for fun in Rome.

Things to Do in Rome

In addition to the wonderful things to do in Rome, instead what I want to advise you is to visit the treasures that are near Rome.
Small villages and monuments evocative and full of charm. Pearls of nature, history and culture often pristine. Photographs of a past immortalized in special environments that only a certain type of landscape and architecture can give.
Many tourists arrive in Rome and here will remain for the duration of the holiday and in doing so you lose the wonders that offers the hinterland of the capital.
For this reason, with this article, I present a list of places worth visiting to enjoy the most of your vacation or just your spare time.

Here’s what to see in Rome, but this is just a very short list and we promise that soon add many more links to places of interest a few kilometers from the capital.

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